We are a group of professionals with experience of having handled projects across wide formats such as short films, feature films and documentaries. There is a unique perspective to taking the brand forward and that is not limited to only “feature explanation on screen”.

We know the value of money placed on enhancing the outlook of the brand.

A team of film industry professionals, we specialize in offering customized advertising solutions for your product or services. Based out of Bengaluru, ranging from brand films to product videos and testimonials, we have it all in our portfolio. We work with organizations to help bring their visions to life in the most fun, engaging and creative ways. It may sound clichéd, but we breathe what we do. We are passionate, innovative, creative and pride ourselves on doing the best work possible.


Management –

Compared to the traditional advertising agencies, this is how we help you save up to almost 30% of the costs, without any compromise on the quality and the output.

Procurement of equipment on a rental basis at the cheapest rate from well-known contacts. A few tools are also available with us in-house.

Clear exchange of ideas and requirements because of a transparent organisational structure. This would help us avoid last-minute surprises and their related costs, Saving time automatically saves money. With a small but highly experienced team, we make our moves faster and thus ensure “zero delays”.

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